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What is Fleep for Business?

Fleep for Business is a paid subscription of Fleep that gives administrative control to organizations that need it in Fleep.

The key Fleep for Business features are:

  • Managed accounts - company-owned accounts that admins can delete, suspend (deactivate) and reset passwords as necessary
  • Managed conversations and teams - company-owned, with admin control over membership, settings and message history
  • Company name shown in profile - organization's name is shown in Managed accounts' profile, visible to all other Fleep users
  • Use your company logo in Fleep - upload a logo that will be shown to all Managed accounts in their Fleep app
  • 100GB file storage


Managed accounts

All administrators of an organization using Fleep for Business can view and manage their organization's user accounts (members) in the Admin panel. All managed accounts (including admin accounts) are owned and managed by the organization.

All admins can:

  • See the full list of accounts managed by the organization
  • Add members (user accounts) to the organization
  • Remove members (user accounts) from the organization
  • Give members admin rights and remove admin rights
  • Reset users' passwords
  • Deactivate user accounts
  • Delete user accounts
  • End the subscription and delete the organization (upon which all accounts will be converted into regular, free Fleep accounts)

Administrators cannot:

  • Read the messages of managed users


Managed conversations

In a managed conversation, only admins can change the conversation settings and the membership of the conversation.


All managed accounts can create managed conversations in the chat interface, and thus become conversation admins. However, organization admins have admin control over all of the organization's managed conversations - and can manage them in the admin panel at fleep.io/admin/conversations.

Do note that organization admins cannot see the content of managed conversations that they are not a member of, but they can change the membership and conversation settings.

Managed teams

In a managed team, only admins can change the team settings and membership.


All managed accounts can create managed teams in the chat interface, and thus become a team admins. However, organization admins have admin control over all of the organization's managed teams - and can manage them in the admin panel at fleep.io/admin/teams/.

Organization admins have an overview of all managed teams and team conversations, but they cannot read the contents of the team conversations unless they are a member of the team as well.

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