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How to add members to a team conversation?

To add people to a team conversation, you have two options - to add someone to all team conversations at once, or to add someone to a team conversation as an individual member:

1. Add someone to the team, and they will be automatically added to all team conversations. 
This is a good idea if they are a (new) member of your team. You can later remove them from all team conversations at once by simply removing them from the team. 

To do this, open Teams in the desktop version of Fleep:
Next, click on the ADD MEMBERS button in the team you wish to add them to:
In the popup that appears, type their name, username or email address, and select the contact. Decide whether or not you wish to disclose past messages to them and click on ADD:
And you're done! The new member of the team has now been automatically added to all team conversations.

2. Add someone to a specific team conversation as an individual member 
And they will be added only to that conversation.This works well if the person did not join your team, but needs to be included in one or a few of the conversations - any contractors, freelancers or other external people you're working with. 

To do this, open the conversation's Members tab (click on the person-looking icon in the top right corner of the interface in the desktop version) and click on the ADD MEMBERS button:
In the popup that appears, choose to add members to this conversation by clicking on the CONTINUE button on the left:
Next, type the name, username or email address of the person you wish to add, decide whether or not you wish to disclose previous messages to them, and click on ADD:
And you're done! The new member has been added to the conversation as an individual member, as you can see in the Members pane:

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