How to remove members from a team conversation?

Removing a team member from team conversations

In Fleep teams, all team members are automatically added to all team conversations. As such, it is not possible to remove a team member individually from a specific team conversation. You can, however, remove them from the team - and they will be removed from all team conversations.

To do this, open Teams in the desktop version of Fleep:
Next, hover over the contact you wish to remove from the team, and click on the trash can icon that appears:
In the popup that appears, confirm the removal:
And you're done! The member has been removed from the team and all team conversations.


Removing an individual member from team conversations

If someone's been added to a team conversation as an individual member, you can simply remove them from the members pane in the conversation. 

To do this, open the conversation's Members tab (click on the person-looking icon in the top right corner of the interface in the desktop version). Click on the member you wish to remove and choose Remove from the menu that appears:

In the popup that appears, confirm that you wish to remove that person:

And you're done! The member has been removed from the conversation.

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