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What happens if I delete my organization / cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your Fleep for Business subscription by deleting your organization, then all of your organization's accounts will lose access to the Business features. You will not lose access to all the messages and files in your conversations.

More specifically:

1. All user accounts will be removed from your organization, and will be converted to Basic (free) users of Fleep. You will no longer have any admin control over their accounts.

2. The limits of the Basic (free) subscription will be applied to all of the user accounts (limit of creating only up to 3 group conversations, access only up to 10GB storage).

3. All premium conversations will be converted into regular free conversations. You will no longer own the content of these conversations.

4. All teams will be deleted, and replaced with individual members inside the conversations.

5. Your company logo, billing details and payment method will be removed and there will be no more charges for the organization.

6. You will lose access to the My tasks and Status message functionality.

7. All users can continue using their accounts and conversations. Conversion to free accounts, conversations and teams does not make any changes to message history or your access to it.

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