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What happens when I invite my team to Fleep for Business?

When you start your trial of Fleep for Business, you'll be prompted to invite your existing team to Fleep for Business.


The following will happen to any teams that you choose to invite:

  • All team members will be invited to join the organization. They will then have to accept or decline the invitation. If they accept the invite, their account will become a managed account of the organization, and they will be added to your subscription of Fleep for Business.
  • All team conversations will be converted into managed conversations. This means you will have full control over the conversations' settings and membership. If you make any other user accounts organization admins, they will also be able to manage the conversations in the Admin panel.
  • The team itself will be converted into a managed team. This means you will have control over the team's settings and membership. Any other organization admins will also be able to manage the team.

All of the above can be undone. You can remove individual members, conversations and teams from the organization in the Admin panel if you do not wish to have admin control over them.

Should you decide Fleep for Business is not for you at all, then you can easily delete the organization you've created. Upon deletion, all accounts, conversations and teams that have been added will be removed from the organization and you will no longer have admin control over them.

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