What is a Fleep ID?

Fleep ID is your unique identifier in the Fleep network that you can set up. It contains the user's chosen name and the domain @fleep.io. For example a user called Alfred could claim the Fleep ID alfred@fleep.io.

How can I set my Fleep ID?

You can choose your Fleep ID in your Account settings. It can be whatever you like as long as it isn't already in use as someone else's Fleep ID. It also has to be between 6 to 30 characters and can only contain allowed characters.
 Once you've set it, others can see your Fleep ID in your Profile.

If you have more than one email address you'd like to identify yourself with in Fleep, you should look into adding Alternative emails. That way whoever knows one of your numerous email addresses (instead of your Fleep ID) will be able to find you in Fleep.

Can I change my Fleep ID later?

You will not be able to remove, edit or change your Fleep ID once it's been selected. (If you have a compelling reason, though, contact us at support@fleep.io and we'll see what we can do.)

P.S. While setting a Fleep ID is currently a mandatory step - it wasn't always so. Thus, there are some users who do not have a Fleep ID. 

Not having Fleep ID will also prevent others from using the @mentions feature that is really useful for others to draw your attention to conversations that need your immediate attention.


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