What are Alternate emails?

Every Fleep user is identified by their Fleep ID, primary email and alternate emails.

Fleep ID is a unique identifier that the user can setup on their own. It contains the user's chosen name and the domain @fleep.io. For example a user called Alfred could claim the Fleep ID alfred@fleep.io.

Primary email address is the email address you used when you signed up to Fleep (or your Google/Microsoft email address, if you signed in with Google or Microsoft).

Alternate emails work as an extra layer of search when someone wishes to include you in a Fleep conversation but doesn’t know your Fleep ID or which email you initially signed up with. In its essence it’s an extra identifier to your Fleep account that shows it’s you behind this email address. Instead of needing to create a bunch of different Fleep accounts you can unify all of them into one account.

To set up Alternate emails you need to open your account settings and add a alternate email, or two, or more in the Email addresses field. After that, Fleep will send you a verification email asking you to verify the email address as your Alternate email and after that you’re set.

The top email address listed in your account settings is the primary email address, and any others are alternate email addresses:

You can add and remove alternate emails at any given time, no questions asked.


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