How can I add/change/remove my Alternate emails?

To set up Alternate emails you need to open your account Settings and add an email under the Email addresses.

The first email listed is the account's Primary email address and the others are alternate email addresses. 


When you add a new alternate email, Fleep will send you a verification email to confirm the email address is working and it was really you connecting it to your Fleep account. Once you've clicked on the verification link, your Alternate email is set.

If you wish to remove an alternate email, hover over the email address - the EDIT button will appear next to the email address:


Once you click on Edit, two buttons will be shown: REMOVE and CANCEL. If you click on Remove, the email address will be removed. This means the email is no longer associated with your Fleep account. If you click on Cancel, no changes will be made and the email address will remain as an alternate email address on your account.

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