What kind of slash commands are there in Fleep and how to use them?

Chat commands are great for some actions that would otherwise take several clicks. Here are the quick commands we have implemented in Fleep:

  • /add <email> -- add new members to the conversation
  • /remove <email> -- remove members from the conversation
  • /leave -- leave conversation
  • /pin <message> -- create a new pinned message
  • /task <message> -- create a new task
  • /taskto @mention <message> -- create a new task, and assign it to the person you've @mentioned
  • /bug <message> -- create a new bug report task with the emoticon
  • /call -- create a new appear.in call on Fleep
  • /giphy <keyword> -- posts a GIF from the GIPHY database to the Fleep conversation

To use a slash command you need to type the command into the conversation message entry area and hit Enter. For example:

You can also see all the commands by typing '/' into the message box.

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