How can I add text formatting to my messages?

For those occasional times when you need to use text styling or when you wish to emphasize something in the middle of text we have the options of bold, italic and bold italic.

  • *bold* — formats text as bold
  • _italic_ — formats text as italic, cursive
  • _*bold italic*_ — formats text as bold and italic
  • ::: on a separate line — insert code snippets as pre-formatted text
  • link<<text>> — adds an inline link with the text in the angled brackets


For example, code snippets will look like this:


Bold, italic and bold italic:



While we do not have full support of Markdown or Commonmark, and miss some formatting (e.g. underline messages, inline highlighting), these should cover most use cases. Let us know at if you have any specific requests! 


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