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How to create a task in Fleep?

There are two ways in which you can create tasks in Fleep. The first is by starting the message with "/task" and following that with the content of the task: "/task <message>". For example:

Hitting 'Send' will then create the task:

The second way to create a task is to post a message and then convert it into a task - just right-click on a message and select "Create task" in the drop-down menu (in mobile apps, the option appears when you long-press on the message). See for example:

And on the mobile apps, iPhone and Android respectively:

A few more tips:

  • /taskto @ - when creating a task with the slash command, you can try using "/taskto" followed by an @mention of a member of the conversation. In this way, the task will automatically be assigned to the person mentioned, e.g.: "/taskto @juliepfeiffer Get designs from Joey" creates a task "Get designs from Joey" that is automatically assigned to Julie.
  • /bug - this is a favorite of all software teams. Using the /bug command instead of /task will create the task with a bug emoticon. 

Do note that you cannot create new task messages in email conversations. However, you can turn incoming email messages into tasks.

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