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What can I do with tasks in Fleep?

Fleep Tasks are a lightweight task management system built right into Fleep. The tasks in Fleep have quite a few features. You can edit, assign, delete tasks, mark them as done and more!

All of these features can be found in the task action menu, which will appear when you right-click on the task, or click on the three-dot "kebab" icon that appears when you hover your mouse over the task. In mobile apps, the menu appears with a long tap.


  • Edit - you can always edit the tasks you've created, whether it's correcting a typo, changing the wording, adding some more detail or anything else. You can also edit tasks other members of the conversation have created, and they can edit yours.
  • Move to section - this is a handy action for moving a task from one section to another, especially when the tasklist is too long for dragging and dropping the task.
  • Assign and Assign to me - you can assign any task to yourself or to someone else in the conversation. This feature helps everyone understand who's responsible for executing the task.
  • Copy and Quote - should you need to copy the contents of the task or quote the task to refer to it, use these actions!
  • Show in conversation - this action will take you to the place in the conversation where the task was created. It will help you in case you want to remember the context for the task.
  • Archive - this option will archive the task, so it's out of your way. You can see all of the archived tasks at the bottom of the taskboard.
  • Delete - sometimes, you just need to delete a task. After confirming the delete action, the task message in the conversation message flow will be deleted as well. (P.S. Delete is not available in the mobile apps.)
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