How to organize the taskboard?

There are a few things you can do to keep your taskboard organized:

  • Reorder tasks - you can move the tasks around on the taskboard by dragging and dropping them in the preferred order. You can choose to order them by the assignee, by importance or urgency or whatever else works for you!
  • Sections - in the desktop apps and web browser versions of Fleep, you can create sections for the taskboard and move them around freely. At Fleep, our teams often use 3 sections, "Done", "Work in Progress" and "Not Started", but you could also create sections such as "Design", "Development", "Marketing" for your team conversations, or create personal to-do lists and organize them with sections such as "Home", "Work", 'Personal'. The options are pretty much endless!


Here's a quick video guide to the Tasks feature in Fleep:

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