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How does the integration with email work?

Fleep integrates with email in three ways. You can:

  • Include people in conversations with their email
  • Send emails to specific Fleep conversations
  • Connect your email account and use Fleep to manage your emails

Include people in conversations via email

In short, you can choose to include people in conversations over email when you're creating the conversation — or if the conversation already has email members in it.

When you create a conversation with an email address, a popup appears asking whether you want to invite the person to Fleep or whether you want to include them in the conversation over email. If you choose the latter, an Email conversation will be created, where all email participants they will receive all messages and files posted in the conversation as normal emails. All of their replies will be shown as messages in a Fleep conversation to you.

If you choose to invite them to Fleep, then Fleep will send an invite to that email address and they will not be able to participate in the conversation over email. Similarly, adding email addresses to existing Fleep conversations (with no email participants) will trigger an invite to Fleep, and not include them via email.

Send emails to a specific Fleep conversation

Each Fleep conversation has a unique email address, which you can find in the Conversation Settings:

Fleep email integration

When an email is sent to the Conversation email, it will show up in the conversation. The sender's name will be visible, along with the Subject, body of the message and any attachments.


  • John, Scott and Paul have created a Fleep conversation called "Stats".
  • John configures their Statistics gathering script to send daily summaries to the conversation's email, which is conv.bed7ccgcihico7@fleep.io
  • Their daily stats script creates a summary and posts it via email to the Fleep conversation. John, Scott and Paul will now see the summaries in the "Stats" conversation in Fleep, posted as email messages.

Use Fleep to manage your emails

In Fleep, you can send and receive emails in Fleep just as you would in a regular email client.

By default, all emails will be sent out with your Fleep username - your unique identifier in the Fleep network that is compatible with email (in the form of username@fleep.io). Alternatively, you can send and receive emails with your existing email address - by connecting your email with Fleep.

Regardless of whether you wish to send and receive emails with your existing email address or your Fleep username, you can try managing emails from Fleep. Do note that this is not for everyone. The key differences from your regular email client being how Fleep groups emails together by membership and not by email threads or subject, and how Fleep is not an email client — it misses some email client functionalities, such as HTML email signatures or BCC.


How it works

  • If you like your Fleep username as an email identity, you can just set up your current email client to forward all of your incoming emails to your Fleep username. In this way, you can just read and reply to your emails from Fleep. All replies will then go out as username@fleep.ioDo note that the email address that you use in your email client will have to be your primary or alternate email in Fleep for this to work.
  • If you choose to connect your email address with Fleep, then all of the emails sent to that email address will also show up in Fleep for you, and all emails sent out from Fleep will have that email address as the sender address.
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