How can I change my email notification preferences?

Fleep email notifications let you know when you have unread messages in Fleep. By default, Fleep sends you an email notification to your primary email address once an hour at most, with a summary of your unread conversations (excluding muted conversations). If you read the new messages in Fleep within an hour from when they are posted, you will not receive an email notification.


To change your email notification settings, click on your profile in the desktop version and select Preferences from the popup menu. In the window that appears, you can choose how often you wish to be notified of unread messages in Fleep:


If you're still receiving emails from Fleep conversations - ones that are not formatted as the example above - it is because you've been added to the conversation as an email member. A member of the conversation will have to remove your email address from the conversation if you do not wish to receive the messages via email. 

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