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Search: How to search in Fleep

One of the main benefits of Fleep is having all your project communication and files in one place. Search unlocks the power of Fleep, as everything that has been shared in the conversations can be found easily.

Search basics

The basics of how to search in Fleep are pretty straightforward. There are two places where you can search:


1. Search on the left-hand panel, i.e. the conversation list search, is the most powerful Search tool in Fleep. You can use this to search for conversations, messages and people. 

When you type into this search box, you will be shown initial search results of conversations where your search keyword has a match in the conversation's topic. Note that only conversations that you are (or have been) a member of will be shown.

To expand the search to find results from across your conversations, click on the "Search from messages" button that appears under your initial search results. The "Search from messages" activates the search across all your conversations, finding topics, messages, tasks, pins and files matching your search keyword.

Note that the message search works with exact matches, partial matches (so searching "twee" would find any content that starts with "twee", like "tweet" or "tweeting") as well as multiple words (e.g. "Casey boarding" would find where "Casey" and "boarding" were mentioned together).:


If, instead, you wish to search for other Fleep users, click on the "Search from users" button under your initial search results. This will expose all Fleep users whose name or username includes whatever you have searched for.


Read more about Fleep user search: Introducing user search in Fleep

2. Search inside conversations finds messages, tasks, pins and files matching your search keyword within that conversation:

Search in Fleep
Search tips
  • Keyboard shortcuts - there are two keyboard shortcuts you can use for searching.
    Ctrl + G (or Cmd + G if you're on a Mac) — activates the left pane search aka conversation list search
    Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F if you're on a Mac) — when a conversation is open, it activates the search inside the conversation
  • Fuzzy search? Nope, Fleep does not support fuzzy searching. So, you have to make sure you don't make typos and know what keyword you're searching for. Fuzzy search may be supported in the future, though.
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