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What is email list behavior?

In Fleep, you can create email conversations thanks to how Fleep integrates with email.  With the email list behavior feature, you can also create email lists in Fleep.

In short, if the email list behavior setting is enabled for an email conversation, then the conversation acts like an email list to email participants. When email list behavior is disabled, the conversation acts as a normal email thread to email participants. 

The longer version: if email list behavior is enabled, then all messages and emails are sent to the email list address (which is the conversation email address!). All email participants will see the messages in the following form:

email list behavior
Email user sees the message sent from Fleep as a message in a email list, where the Fleep conversation email acts as the list email address.


If email list behavior is disabled, then all emails are sent as normal emails, meaning email participants receive the messages in the following form:

email thread behavior
Email user sees the message sent from Fleep as a normal email in a thread, because email list behavior is disabled.


There are a few ways in which email list behavior may be helpful to you:

1. Email replies will always be posted in the original conversation in Fleep, regardless if email participants hit Reply or Reply All. 

So it's foolproof. All replies are sent to the whole list, as the list address is the Reply-To address. Without email list behavior, hitting Reply to a group thread breaks the thread, and creates a new conversation for you in Fleep.

2. Email replies are posted in the original conversation even if an email participant replies with a different email address. 

Without email list behavior, replies from a different email address would create new conversations for Fleep users. With email list behavior, the replies flow nicely back to the same conversation in Fleep

3. Better message grouping for email users. 

When email list behavior is enabled, Fleep attaches information to email's technical header that helps email clients group the list emails into one thread.

How to configure email list behavior? 

You can disable or enable email list behavior only in email conversations (read more about how you can create email conversations in Fleep). Find the setting in the Conversation settings tab:


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