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How to use Canned responses in Fleep

Canned responses are predetermined responses that you can use to answer common questions. They are often used in different forms of communication, perhaps most commonly in email communication and in customer support tools.

In Fleep, canned responses are useful for those of you who send and receive emails in Fleep. Using canned responses for common requests that come in via email saves your time. Even more, it can help you make better and quicker decisions by removing the friction of writing every response from scratch.

Additionally, you can use canned responses in Fleep when communicating with your team as well. For example, if you use tasks in Fleep, you can set up a template of how you usually format your tasks to use when creating tasks. Also, some of our users have started using the canned responses to save and post their favorite gifs in Fleep.

Setting up Canned responses in Fleep

To set up Canned responses in Fleep, open your Account preferences. You will find this in the desktop version, by choosing Preferences from the menu that appears when you click on your profile in the bottom left corner.

Once you have opened the Account preferences view, scroll down until you see the Canned responses section. Click on the New response button, and fill out the two fields that appear. First, give a name for the canned response — you will use this to post the canned response. And secondly, the contents of the canned response that will be posted.


For example, you may set up "thanks" and "no thanks" canned responses to use for requests coming in via email. 


If you wish to use any files in the canned response, then simply drag and drop the file into the content of the canned response and save it.

Using Canned responses in Fleep

Canned responses in Fleep work with the /can command, followed by the name you have give for the Canned response. So, to use the canned responses you have set up, simply start your message with /can and choose a canned response from the popup menu (with the tab or enter key, or by clicking on it in the menu). The canned response will then appear in the message entry area just as if you had written it.


Note that you can currently use canned responses only in the desktop version of Fleep. Do let us know if you would like to use them on the mobile apps as well.


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