What are conversation labels?

Conversation labels in Fleep allow you to group conversations together and organize them on the left pane. They work a lot like folders in email clients.

When you create a label and add it to a conversation it will also appear on the left pane as a new label group. Additionally, you can also see the added label in the right side of the conversation header.

Note that all the labels you create and add are visible only to you, not to other Fleep users or other conversation members.

All the label groups can be organized using drag and drop method. E.g you can move the Muted label group above the Recent label:

By default you will see the label Recent on the left pane. This is a system generated label group that includes up to 20 recent conversations sorted by last message. This list does not contain conversations that have been starred or muted. Which brings us to other system generated label groups that you might encounter on the left pane:

Starred conversations always appear on top of the conversation list and this label cannot be moved.

Muted label group – conversations that you have muted for a while (an hour, a day, a week). If you muted the conversation for a time period it will appear under the Recent label once the time is over.

Any additional labels that you add to your conversations (e.g. Work, Friends, Project X) will behave on the left pane using the same logic and rules as the system generated ones.


  • One conversation can have more than one label attached to it, in which case the conversation will appear in more than one collapsible label group on the left pane.
  • Each custom label you create can be edited and deleted whenever and however you wish to do so. Once you create a custom label, it will appear on the left pane as well.
  • All label groups are collapsible to empower you to keep your focus during the day (e.g. Work, Private) and can be ordered in the way you wish using drag and drop method (e.g. work labels on top, personal ones lower in the list, up to you).
  • You can additionally select which labels do you want to be shown on the left pane under "Manage Labels" setting.
  • Only you can see, create, edit and remove your labels.

You can organize your labels in the Manage labels view - just click on your profile in the bottom left corner of the interface and choose 'Manage labels' from the menu that appears. 

Find out more about conversation labels in this blog post: Manage your conversations with labels.


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