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How do push notifications work in Fleep?

Intelligent logic for sending push notifications

Push notifications in Fleep work in an intelligent way, optimized for less noise and more productivity so that YOU can get work done. Here's how:

  • Fleep only sends you push notifications if you are not actively using Fleep. So, if you are sending or reading messages, you will not receive push notifications. The push notifications for any new unread messages will be delayed until you become inactive in Fleep.
  • By default, Fleep sends push notifications only for every first unread message in any conversation (and not for every new message). In this way, if there is a discussion going on in a conversation when you are in the middle of something else, you will not receive consecutive notifications for each and every message posted. If you'd like to receive push notifications for all new messages across your conversations, you can configure that in your Account preferences:

How to make sure you have enabled push notifications in Fleep

Besides the push notifications logic (see above), the push notifications settings are device-specific, so you can enable or disable notifications on every device you use.

Windows app users: If you wish to turn push notifications on or off, find Settings from the top menu bar and tick or untick the Show notifications setting, as shown in the screen shot below:

Mac app users: If you wish to modify your push notifications settings, this can be done in your computer's System preferences, under Notifications - just find Fleep in the list:


Web browser users: In most web browsers, you can turn on push notifications for Fleep - but they will not have sound. Learn more... 

iOS (iPhone and iPad) users: Navigate to your phone's Settings --> Notifications --> Fleep, as shown in the gif below, and toggle the settings for push notifications there:


Android users: Navigate to your phone's Settings, find Apps (or Application Manager in some Android phones) --> find Fleep, and tick the setting for Notifications in that view.


If you wish to turn off notifications for a while or for forever, you can mute conversations - learn how to mute conversations in Fleep.

Email notifications: By default, Fleep sends you an email notification with a summary of unread conversations if you don't read the new messages within an hour from when they are posted. Read more about email notifications in Fleep.

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